Are you looking for the best volleyball knee pads for you or your child?

Let me save you hours of research time and reveal the best volleyball knee pads that I concluded after testing & analysing all the main volleyball knee pads on the market. 

One of the most serious and common injuries that is sustained in volleyball is injury to the knees, which can cause major long-term complication.   

Volleyball is a high adrenaline sport and therefore it is vital to protect yourself in the occurrence of highly likely hard impacts to the knees.

When falling forward the first part of the body to most likely hit the ground is the knees.

And with the full body weight going onto the knees during the fall the injury from the impact such as ACL sprains and patellar tendinitis can be devastating.

The best way to prevent these injuries is ensuring you have a high-quality padded specialised volleyball knee pads.  

With 100s of knee pads on the market the question is, which is the best volleyball knee pads for you?

After extensively researching and testing the volleyball knee pads available on the market I uncovered what we believed what is the BEST option for you.


As a volleyball enthusiast i absolutely fell in love with these knee pads and concluded that these are the best volleyball knee pads. Here is why:


BEST VOLLEYBALL KNEE PADSWhen analysing other pads on the market we came to realise that the majority of the pads had an insufficient level of patting to the knees.The reason is because the pads had been designed for general sports activities such as running, which would not require as much protection towards the knees. The volleyball pads pro had been designed with Volleyball enthusiasts in mind. With premium grade high-density foam cushioning, your knees are protected during high impact collisions.


BEST VOLLEYBALL KNEE PADS After testing other highly padded knee pads I concluded that the majority of the knee pads restricted free movement and, on many occasions, would feel so tight that it would impact the blood circulation around the legs. However, with the Volleyball Pads Pro’s clever design it not only provided high protection but luxury comfort. The reason for this is because the padding moulds into the knee’s circumference using soft light weight high-quality breathable elastic fabric giving it a feeling like you’re not even wearing the pads. 




BEST VOLLEYBALL KNEE PADSPlaying Volleyball, you want to look the part. What you wear will also define how you feel, which could affect your performance. Many pads look chunky and awkward due to the shape f the padding and pinch the back of the knees. These black Volleyball knee pads have been professionally designed to look sleek, sharp and provide ultimate comfort as it has been designed to fit around your leg and knee structure. Many pads we tested tore when scraping on rough floor. However, the Volleyball Pads Pro have premium elastic stopping any tears and marks. 


Due to the premium elastic material the pads mould into your leg and knee shape giving you the perfect fit whether you’re a child or adult. Unlike other pads these will not slip up and down while jogging or running. These are the perfect men's and women's volleyball knee pads. Due to the elasticity they even fit younger girls and boys. 


"As a Volleyball Coach for the last 10 years and after using dozens of knee pads I would say using the Volleyball Pads Pro is a the best option for anyone who wants to protect their knees while having perfect comfort and flexibly while playing volleyball. I use it myself and recommend it to my students.” Lisa Morrison – Volleyball Coach at Little Giants Volleyball Club.


Each pack comes with 2 knee pads for both legs. Simply slide up your leg until it has reached your knees to a comfortable level and you are good to go. You can then easily wash the pads in the washing machine. 





“I bought these for my daughter and these fit her perfectly. Tight enough so there’s support her knees but also loose enough where she can grow with them and use them for the seasons to come. The actual knee padding was too bulky in her last pair and she would constantly have to readjust them. But this is definitely not the case with the Volleyball Pads Pro - thank goodness!”- Emma Strand  







My 13-year-old needed knee pads to use for her new volleyball class. As a mum I spent hours reading reviews, comparing prices and obsessing over my choices. I finally settled on buying these from the Prime Deals World site. Well..... The kid loved them! She said they were comfortable, the sizing was perfect, they worked as intended and looked super cool.”- Angela Higgins

“These Volleyball knee pads are Amazing. They provide a lot of protection as they provide padding to the sides of the knee as well as the top of the knee, which is a major upgrade over previous pads that I've used. They stay in place when you dive which prevents skin burns above the knee (an issue that I had with my previous two pairs of pads which would slide when I dove forward). They haven't affected my movement so I'm pleased that my quality of play hasn't been affected. I would recommend these volleyball knee pads as they are better than any other knee pad that I've used before. Five stars!" - Jacob St Erin


The Volleyball Pads Pro is the most protective, comfortable and affordable Volleyball knee pads available, which is why we have rated it the Best Volleyball Knee Pads.

Unlike other cheaper, lower quality and often overprices versions that can be found in Walmart, Adidas, Nike and others, the Volleyball Pads Pro is the best-selling, most in demand and most highly rated Volleyball Pads because of its high-quality premium build, sleek design, luxury comfort and value for money.

If you are looking for specialised volleyball knee pads look no further because the Volleyball Pads Pro is the best option for you. You can get premium protection without having to spend a fortune.

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